Transitioning back to society shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Or your dignity.

Let’s face it, the ankle monitor has always been an awkward and expensive scarlet letter. So when we set out to reinvent tracking participants, we started with some key principles: dramatically reduce the cost, eliminate the shame, improve accountability and make it easier on everyone.

We combine the latest technologies with real time location tracking.

  • Our simple, tamper-free wristband connects directly to a smartphone.
  • Tailor geofencing technology to create restriction and curfew zones.
  • Electronic sensor prevents removal or tampering.
  • Proprietary algorithm to ensure band and phone are in the same location.
  • Unlike many ankle monitors, our wristband doesn’t interfere with common medical imaging such as X-rays, etc.
  • Charges in 45 minutes and lasts 2 days.

Biometric check-in makes accountability easy.

  • Simple phone app allows participants to easily see their status.
  • Supervisor can request instant biometric location verification.
  • Facial recognition and photo biometric backup.
  • Participants are immediately alerted of any violations or requested check-ins.

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Out of Range Notification

Our simple phone app makes supervising smarter.

  • Supervisor can be instantly alerted to any violations.
  • Mobile monitoring of alerts eliminates lag time and false alarms.
  • All activity is stored securely in a central server.
  • The frequency of biometric check-in requests can be customized.

The Talitrix Guardian system makes the victim’s world safer.

  • Victims can register with Talitrix to receive Guardian alerts.
  • Location safe zones are set up based on court and agency orders.
  • Any time a participant violates the safe zone perimeter, the victim and case manager are notified immediately.
  • No additional agency cost or effort required.

We make freedom affordable.

Most ankle monitors cost $7-$10 per day, which can quickly become a burden for both the participant and the agency. We’ve reduced that cost significantly by leveraging existing mobile phone technology and network infrastructure.

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