Talitrix Solutions for 21st Century Supervision

Talitrix is fundamentally changing how agencies and officers track and report accountability for low-risk participants. We offer a variety of product and service configurations we can customize to meet your needs. We leverage existing infrastructure and combine the latest technologies and software applications to help increase compliance. Solutions include: 

  • Talitrix Guardian System – combining both wristband and phone app functionality
  • Talitrix Band – this band-only solution uses geofencing, biometric data and real time tracking
  • Talitrix App GPS – our app uses the phones native GPS and GSM to track individuals

Talitrix Guardian System

  • Combines the wristband and app for reliable accountability and simple compliance.
  • Geofencing ensures real time location.
  • GPS & GSM connects with our code to ensure location verification.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Tracking data is stored securely in the cloud.
  • Tamper alert system covers both the app and band.

Talitrix Predictive Analytics allows for real-time intervention.

  • We compile offender data from across the US and use Artificial Intelligence to recognize behavioral patterns
  • When a negative pattern is detected we’ll alert the supervisor
  • This creates an opportunity for immediate intervention

The Talitrix Band only solution can be used with centralized monitoring

  • Perfect for managing individuals in a facility or fixed perimeter.
  • The band-only solution provides a two-way redundant system of GPS and GSM that enables real time tracking.
  • Geofencing can be set up for restricted perimeters and curfew monitoring.
  • Band has a tamper-proof design and requires specific tooling to secure both mechanically and electronically.

Talitrix App GPS is the perfect non-band solution.

The Talitrix software solution provides the ability for a supervisor or case officer to receive live updates and real time tracking using the phone’s core GPS technology. Geofencing tools can create restriction perimeters to help advance compliance and reduce recidivism.

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