Distribution Partnership Aims to Elevate Electronic Monitoring with Innovative Wearable Technology

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Talitrix and ProntoTrak Partner to Enhance Electronic Monitoring Programs

Alpharetta, GA … Talitrix, the leader in independent GPS wristband monitoring technology, has announced a strategic partnership with ProntoTrak Inc. across portions of the Southeast. This partnership is designed to elevate electronic monitoring, reduce recidivism and serve criminal justice agencies, courts and individuals.

Talitrix solution suite, consisting of the first independent tracking wristband, will be used to support ProntoTrak’s electronic monitoring customers by offering first-to-market wearable tamper-proof bands with real-time tracking and data capture to produce better outcomes.

“This distribution partner will further support our current growth in specific key markets, as well as elevate community supervision services to accommodate the needs of the courts and help participants successfully comply with court-ordered conditions,” stated Justin Hawkins, Chief Executive Officer of Talitrix. “ProntoTrak’s twenty-year track record, combined with our forward-leaning technologies, will help create optimal outcomes for jurisdictions who have or seeking to create monitoring programs.

“This partnership with Talitrix helps ProntoTrak to fulfill our mission of providing our customers with the most innovative solutions,” stated Cody Page, ProntoTrak Chief Operations Officer. “The wrist-worn band solution from Talitrix is a forward-thinking approach to community supervision.”

About Talitrix

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Talitrix is on a mission to revolutionize the criminal justice industry. Talitrix was founded in 2020 on the idea that the industry’s standard ankle monitors were flawed and outdated, and that better tracking and case management solutions could increase compliance and reduce recidivism. Talitrix solutions include supervision software applications and first-to-market wearable tamper-proof bands with real-time tracking and biometric data capture. For more information, visit talitrix.com.

About ProntoTrak

ProntoTrak is a full-service provider of electronic monitoring and offender supervision services, with more than two decades of experience providing services to courts and agencies throughout eight states in the Southeast region. Our mission is to develop strong relationships with the most innovative technology companies in the industry, then deliver those best-in-class solutions through our model of exceptional customer and client services.